Shakopee, MN
Webster Residence

This Shakopee home was originally backed by a wood deck that served as the family's only outdoor entertaining space. By the end of the consultation, it was clear that the newly designed space would remain at that same accessible elevation. A boulder wall was designed to fit with natural woodland surroundings and architectural block wall was constructed facing the back of the home, complete with drainage systems to control the surface water. A raised space backed by boulder settings was created for the gas fire table and strengthened the natural feel. A siting wall supported by columns with lanterns helps to balance the stairs and columns to the raised terrace. The vertical element of the pergola helps define the great room space and softens the rear of the home, while also adding some shade. Cobble stone pavers add distinction under the entertaining spaces, while textured concrete has a soft on the feet aspect around the pool. The pool area enjoyes filtered sun light while a terraced stair leads through the garden to a large sunny lawn space, manipulating the natural sunlight adds character to this project. The gardens features include symmetrical ornamental birch, ornamental long needle pine, boxwood all pulled  together by native blooming perennials, blue hydrangea and tall grasses. Architechual pots with tropical plants help define the dinning space and add much needed greenery.  Ornamental fencing, complete with arched gates, contains the pool and adds a luxury. 

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