Edina, MN
Lee Residence

This property is located in the Dewey Hill development of Edina. This home remained unoccupied for a short period of time prior to it's purchase, the landscape was in tough shape and needed an entire reconstruction. The plan was to include large entertaining spaces including a swimming pool, covered great room with fire place, storage under the deck and good access all around the home. Large elevation change required us to build large retaining walls, natural stone was selected to complement the stateliness of the home, and the overall theme of the Edina community. Natural stone slabs where used as steps, enabling movement from the front to the back yard, pool and entertaining spaces. This family is active in the back yard and enjoys playing soccer on the artificial turf, cooling off in the swimming pool.  The durability and natural appearance of glacier boulder helped in the decision in what to use in the construction of large terraced engineered retaining  walls. The covered outdoor great room and fireplace provide needed shelter when the weather turns or just for a place to get out of the sun. The gardens filled with seasonal colorful plants, grounded by a combination of trap rock, dyed mulch and pine needles.  A large amount of soil was excavated and compacted, the grades where contoured to provide many usable space throughout the yard. 

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