Burnsville, MN
Beerling Residence

This project, located in the Summit Oaks in Burnsville, Mn,  incorporated a swimming pool, fire place, outdoor bar and sun bathing area. This client requested large entertaining spaces adjacent to the swimming pool. This design included an outdoor kitchen for cooking and ample room to accommodate guests.  The vertical element of the fireplace backed by a wooded wetland complements the entire project and adds warmth on cool evenings. The textured concrete pool deck was stained dark to create a luxurious feel and is in sharp contrast to the lawn space. A storage shed was added, placed slightly lower than the pool deck to reduce its appearance but still remain functional. A level lawn area with a step through walk strengthens the overall design and works to balance the lawn and hard scape. Columns with lanterns proportioned to the lines of the pool, lighting the entire area in seamless manner. Mosaic cobble stone blocks were used for terracing and large boulders were used to build the lower retaining walls ensuring a compacted soil foundation to build the amenities. The gardens incorporate grasses, echinacia, ornamental pine, birch and nine bark to create a formal, yet natural, balanced feel. Glacier boulders matching the lower boulder wall where added for garden structure and enhance the natural surroundings.

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